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MAKE MORE PROFITS PER HOUR. 18-hour days can quickly lose their appeal no matter how much you love what you do. Working smarter, more decisively, on higher priority items, producing effective profits becomes a rapid necessity, not just a good idea.

SATISFIED CUSTOMERS BUY MORE. Motivate, reward and goad employees into having the same respect for consistently satisfying customers that you have. Making profit is everyone’s job description.

DEMAND THAT CASH FLOW. When you’re growing fast, cash never seems to come in fast enough. When you’re stagnating, cash never comes in fast enough. A cash flow statement is not a piece of paper; real business cash flow is whether you can make payroll, pay yourself, or buy that piece of equipment.

COLLECT MONEY FASTER. Get early payment from all clients, and assertively avoid (yet professionally) collect from late payers. Perfecting your pricing strategy can boost nicely here too! Increased cash flow decreases gray hair, hair loss or insomnia (sorry, but that’s the blunt truth among business owners I know).

CONSISTENT PROFIT NEED NOT BE A DREAM. Find YOUR profit niche. Are you a beggar or a business? Streamlining your pricing strategy may demand raising your prices with grace. Raise prices from $65 to $95 to $150 to $195 per hour! Sound impossible? I’ll tell you a personal story when we talk.

STOP FEARING CUSTOMERS CHANGES Do you want persistent, repeat, satisfied customers? Then figure out how to keep making profits even when customers keep changing their minds. Creeping requests can become either lost profits or opportunities to up sell but only if handled correctly.

KEEP CLIENTS SMILING. Even as they hand you more checks when they ask for just one more change. A good customer change control procedure can save you, a bad one can slowly strangle. You pick!

A BUSINESS OWNERS LIFE MAY BE LONELY. I know that you have probably heard the standard high school solutions from well intentioned friends, seen and heard the leadership coaches textbook in-a-box cure-alls. You and I both know one thing, YOUR business did’t come in a box. It was built to where it is by YOUR hard work! A few conversations with the right small business profit consultant could save months of lost effort and thousands of dollars. Choose a Small Business Consultant who HAS lived it and built wealth from it.

SMALL BUSINESSES ARE DIFFERENT. Not enough money to grow fast. Not enough track record to borrow what you need. Not enough time to strategize next profit steps. Not enough people to do the right actions now. Not enough sound advice from someone you trust enough to stop and really listen to.

BALANCE LIFE WHILE MAKING PROFITS. Personal trauma, in your own life and lives of your employees demands compassion, grace and endless persistence. In small companies, there may be NO ONE ELSE to step in. How can you possibly prepare?

BIG GAME HUNTING FOR SMALL BUSINESS OWNERS. When I built my own company, making a profit not only fed my family and paid my mortgage, I vacationed in Hawaii, and built a solid financial foundation. Okay, so I DON’T play for survival! If you do, go get a job!

SOMEONE WHO’S ALREADY EARNED THE SCARS. Wouldn’t you rather partner with an experienced, realistic business services consultant? One with the wisdom of already having grown a business from concept to cast off? Who can grow fast in the up cycles, and retain customers in the down turns. I believe you do. No hype. No bull.

HERE’S MY OFFER. Tell me about YOUR business. Its FREE to you. Your time is immensely valuable as is mine; we’re both BUSY! If I cant find some easy to implement ideas that would immediately bring your more profits, we won’t go any further. As a bonus, you keep making the profits we produce just by talking. I promise, talking to me is not a waste of your time. If you accept my offer, contact me now or call me at 888-920-2030.

We produce profits together or we don’t work together.
Thats my guarantee.

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