Your Competitive Pricing Strategy

Starting a Small Business? What should you charge?
Running a Small Business? Ready for a compelling pricing strategy?

Want your service pricing to be a sustainable competitive advantage but don’t know where to start? Already selling your services but lack a cohesive and competitive pricing strategy? Afraid to charge too little? Afraid to charge too much?

Make your pricing strategy a persuasive sustainable competitive advantage.

Capture Profits SMB Service Pricing Strategy™ promises 8 results:

  • Discover hidden costs that have been siphoning away your profits
  • Transform starvation service pricing into salvation service pricing
  • Change your service pricing strategy and transform your profits
  • Uncover how your competitors have been charging more and providing less
  • Figure out how you SHOULD charge
  • Discover key buying price points (the answers may surprise you)
  • Realize you’ve been undercharging clients while they’ve been willing to pay!
  • Learn 5 ways to raise your service prices with your existing customers without losing them
  • Identify at least 3 Intellectual assets that boost your per hour profits

Bonus #1: One free hour of in-depth consultation with an expert who’s been pricing services for 15 years

Bonus #2: Service Price Estimator with examples

Bonus #3: Case Studies: 9 small businesses that changed service prcing strategy and kept clients after initially charging too little

Bonus #4: 12 Months guaranteed continued free newsletter subscription to Practical Profits Report

Find out there’s much, much more

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Wal Mart, Harley Davidson, Dell, Starbucks McDonalds, and Coca Cola began using price strategy as a competitive weapon to create demand and entice buyers away from competitors. How did they do it?  How can you use their pricing strategy secrets to make your services and products too tempting to resist?  Apply their secrets.  Step-by-step, I’ll show you how.

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