Project Change Control

Are client change requests costing you time and money? Do you feel forced to choose between reference-able clients and the profits you counted on? Handling project change control makes a big difference in your profits. Your bid covered a specific amount of work; you detailed the project and quoted a fair price accordingly. If the project control went according to plan, your profits would be fine. Then the work started and you discovered details missed by the client; more work but the bid was fixed. Then the client requested one more little change. Now what?

Help your on-site employees deflect real-time client change requests to the right source immediately. Capture project change requests before those ‘no charge’ expectations get set. Enhance your change control process so you’ll consistently document, invoice and collect for ‘out-of-scope’ work. Get your clients to expect a level of professionalism so they’ll pay you for the outstanding service they’ll receive.   Protect your profit margin while you protect your discretionary income.

For contract services CEOs who provide fair prices on bid projects.
The Capture Profits Project Control Process™ helps you achieve 6 objectives:

      • Stop your employees at the source from committing their time for free
      • Catch your costs before they happen in the project change control process
      • Help your customer see the cost & value of changes they request
      • Develop an up front contract about changes so clients accept up-lift costs gracefully
      • Avoid the potential profit loss from changes youve been absorbing
      • Maintain project control, profit control, change control so your customers will respect you professionally

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      • For technology consultants who estimate projects and then run into technology realities
      • For professional consultants who find their clients want more features as time goes by
      • For contractors who cant tell whats real until they peel open the covers

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Your company’s unique project change control process can propel your profits.  Without a good one, you might slowly strangle to starvation.

Don’t take my word for it, listen to a few clients:

“Before meeting Merra Lee, our employees just said OK whenever clients asked for changes.  Projects were always over budget. The project change management process she developed for us saved our bacon on quite a few projects.  All in all, I’d say we’ve billed over $225,000 in changes because we were able to identify the change request cost before saying yes to the client.”
Coby Dunn, Principal – Systems Consulting Consortium

“My employees used to just give in to nearly every customer request. Those projects lost money. Now, I regularly inspect our most profitable and least profitable projects using the process Merra Lee developed. Now our most profitable projects are where the employees follow the change control process for client requested changes. No wonder my cash flow was so tight before.”
Housing Industry Contractor – Reading, Pennsylvania

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