Make your Marketing Work!

I just built my website. Everyone says its beautiful, but why doesnt it work? We measure visitors, but there arent enough buyers!

I only sell in a 100 mile radius, what should I expect my website to do for me?

What do you mean by a profitable website? I dont sell online. If I could just get sales leads, my sales reps could follow up!

I can see that people leave after browsing the first page, but why?

I have a regular store. Shouldnt they come here; why have online marketing at all?

Honestly, Im too close to my business every day. Ive lost track of what the real audience, the first time buyers, are thinking.  I need a fresh, objective perspective.

Introducing CaptureProfits WEPN™ Website Evaluator Profit Navigator Pinpoint affordable ways to capture website profits immediately and steer in the right direction, or your money back.

With the Capture Profits WEPN ™ You get specific, affordable actions that will:

* increase web sales per week
* increase average price per sale
* increase number of sales leads and sales inquiries
* increase repeat sales and sales receipts
* increase referrals from satisfied customers from your website

For small business owners who want the Internet to drive sales and profits to their businesses.  Evaluated from the point of view of the people who ultimately write your paychecks, your prospects; the people who you need to turn into customers.

If youre a business owner who wants your website to bring more income to the bottom line than the expense line, contact Merra Lee today, or call me at 888-920-2030.

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For $399, Capture Profits will evaluate your website like a prospect, search how your company/product is really found, see how you drive people to browse and entice them to buy or make sales inquiries. Each business owner will get a 17+ page, 297-point prospect-focused report containing detailed, actionable, affordable improvements.

9 Website Evaluation Criteria we measure:

* MAGNETIC ATTRACTION 29 attributes Does your approach entice suspects/prospect/customers, to check you out?

* LOCATABILITY 56 attributes How easy is it to get to your virtual doorstep once looking for someone like your company on the web?

* CREDIBILITY 31 attributes Will your audience look in your virtual front door more than 10 seconds?

* HOW YOUR PRODUCT/SERVICE SOLVES A PROBLEM 12 attributes People only buy to stop pain or avoid pain.

* APPEAL 49 attributes Will they stay to browse?  Do you have their interest? Can you keep it?

* Unique Selling Proposition 16 attributes Why your product? Why your company?  Why not your competitor?

* AVOIDING CONFUSION 10 attributes Avoid contradictions, negative trigger words, telltale signs that alarm browsers and chase them away.

* BUSINESS FLOW 63 attributes Buying must be simple, fast and low commitment.  Sales inquiries must be low risk.

* RESELL/UPSELL/REFERRAL POTENTIAL 24 attributes What items entices them to come back, buy more and tell their friends?

Then what? Youre busy and budget is never free. Your report will contain a list of the specific prioritized action items that will pay you back the quickest in terms of dollars to your bottom line; then which items to consider second.

With your report in hand, we will review each page so you know precisely which actions to take immediately to improve your profits in the next 60 days.  If requested, you can schedule follow up. Busy, multi-tasked business owners are my life; your profits are what matter.

My simple, no nonsense guarantee.  If you implement what I recommend, well increase revenue from your website, over and above what youll spend, including the cost of the report, or your money back.

Heres what a few clients have to say

Once Merra Lee began working with us, our Linemans Lotion website became rapidly & consistently profitable 13 weeks now and counting!  Hand lotion is an incredibly competitive field, and differentiating our product is no small feat, — Patti Rentschler, CEO

Even though I design Websites professionally for a living, I get so focused on my customers, I neglect my own site. Merra Lee pinpointed several, quickly implemented features that immediately increased our number of new website inquiries. Without taking me away from my customers, my own business just became more profitable., –Tim Neuenhaus, President

The Association of Support Professionals is pleased to have Merra Lee back as a returning National Support Website Judge for 2005.  Everybody seems to talk about ‘customer satisfaction’ these days, but Merra Lee Moffitt takes a hands-on approach. She knows exactly how to turn satisfied clients into repeat business, referrals, better prices, and ultimately greater profits.” –Jeffrey Tarter, Executive Director Association of Support Professionals, President

If Intel, Cisco, Adobe, Microsoft and others could bear to let me judge their sites, surely I can find some results for you. –Merra Lee Moffitt ASP National Website Judge, Source: THE YEARS TEN BEST WEB SUPPORT SITES

Get a website evaluation that will bring you more profits to the bottom line,
contact Merra Lee today, or call me at 888-920-2030.