Cash Flow Control

Cash flow at the mercy of your customers? After all, they write the checks, don’t they? Wish you could invoice earlier in your projects? Would invoicing more often level your cash flow? Print your A/R aging report, then feel frustrated at your over 30 day payors?

Cash flow is the life blood of your company. The faster it flows, the more life you’ll have. What about spending? Most business owners spend enormous efforts to cut spending. The savvy find wasted expenses quickly so they can spend their time growing, compounding their own discretionary income.

For business owners who want savvy cash flow control
The Capture Profits Cash Run Regulator™ achieves 7 objectives:

    • Develop simple strategies to get you consistently paid 5 to 10 days earlier
    • Lower the frequency of; Could you please resend that bill? And other falsehoods.
    • Practice methods that keep YOUR customers happy while you get paid sooner
    • Get paid for changes without slowing the payment cycle
    • Navigate corporate start-up Purchase Order bottlenecks so billing can start
    • Recognize up-front telltale signs that a customer will have trouble paying
    • Install a waste watcher cost system that is automatic, time-saving and effective

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