Here we have written articles on profitability research:

Walking the Walk vs. Talking the Talk

If you don’t have all your processes in place to achieve maximum billings each week, don’t berate yourself. Unless you were trained in savvy business methods, attained a business degree, and practice business process reengineering daily; how could you expect perfection…read more

Your Business Dashboard

Like the dashboard on your car, you can develop simple dials for your business that tell you whether you are running efficiently or headed for major repair…read more

The Lowdown on Raising Prices

Pricing choices you make today affect your customer’s expectations far into the future. Your service pricing strategy is the key to unlock your treasure or seal your fate. Here’s how to raise your service prices…read more

Undercharging Clients Can Be a Chronic Condition

It happens to the best of business owners. As the business gets more successful and busy, people start to work faster. Since invoicing and record keeping are happening, attention turns elsewhere…read more

Finding Hidden Profits in Your Business

Taking a systematic approach, every business owner can find ways to make more money from their business right now. …read more

What Every Business Owner MUST do Every Year to Survive and Thrive

You set out to build a business, not a 70-hour a week job. You love your customers and work really hard for them. But, do you find you are working for employee wages, not business owner profits? more

Expand Your Network through The Berks Chamber

Twenty to thirty new business owners join the Berks chamber each month. Some never take advantage of the numerous benefits of chamber membership; then wonder whether it was a good investment. …read more

Stashing Cash for the Next Business Downturn

Could your business cover the cost of a new vehicle if yours were to suddenly be out of commission? What if you found that your biggest client was moving out of the area and you needed to scramble to grow your client base? …read more

Take Care of your #1 Employee YOU!

In the last issue of Small Business Advocate I discussed a GRANDSLAM strategy for success in life. I dont want to be just another inspirational writer youve read; I want YOU to get what YOU want out of life. …read more

Look Good to your Bank!

In tough times you borrow money to get through. In good times you borrow to expand your business. Even if you don’t need any money today, read on. Either way, heres how to look good to your bank. …read more

GRANDSLAM: Your Way to Success in Life

Now that you have a generic tool for solving problems in your life, start having more GRANDSLAMs. …read more

Before the Thaw, Don’t Forget Winter’s Cash Freeze

If you found your business starving for cash, projects and sales in early winter, you were definitely not alone. …read more

Coopetition – Working With Your Competition and Liking It

In a growing business, the business owner competes for projects against competitors daily. It’s a fact of life. We spend so much time fine-tuning our proposals to bump-off our competitors we begin to think that’s the ONLY path to success. Yet, learning to work with our competition can yield many benefits…read more