Why use Capture Profits

When I started my own small business, a customer service consulting practice called  Knowledge Networks, in 1992, I had a  phone, a desk and a computer. Within 4 years I had a corporation, 17 employees and growing. My client list included HP, Verizon, Square-D, Sun Microsystems, Visa, Compaq, Cigna, Cingular, PeopleSoft, Gateway and a bunch of other corporations large and  small who arent household names.

I frequently won projects against fierce competition: Anderson Consulting, EDS, and KPMG. Little ol’ me. We had to move fast because big corporate executives. VPs and CIOs, kept changing their minds about their projects. Corporate decisions began coming out of golf games, not employee or customer best interests. To keep making a profit in that environment, we had to be nimble, assertive, and efficient.

We were good, and known for doing thorough work. Building a corporation, keeping customers and employees satisfied, outsmarting the competition its easy to put in 100+ hour weeks and still keep driving. Sound familiar?

Then a personal tragedy caused me to stop in my tracks. I realized there ARE more important things than an extra $50,000 in my pocket next year, or any year. I decided I wanted to work with REAL people like me solving real small business issues small business owners in business to build personal wealth and family financial security because you want control over your life and the product/service you deliver! If that’s not you, STOP READING!

If you want to talk to me, heres how we proceed:

Well set up a mutually agreeable hour a couple weeks hence, to visit if you’re local or talk by phone if you’re not. That visit will be FREE to you.

During that visit, you tell me about YOUR business, YOUR market, YOUR efforts to produce profits, and YOUR processes to ensure they keep coming in. Tell me what you track and why. Ill determine if any of the experiences that I have had or those of my other clients can directly increase your profits right now. If not, I will offer suggestions based on reasonable expectations of immediate success.

Off the bat, I’m looking for easy to implement ideas that will more than pay for working with me as your small business profit consultant. I’m here to make you profits, not cost you. If I can’t, we don’t go any further. As a Bonus, you keep any profits, we generate just by talking! Longer term, wed work on sustainable, growing profits, tracking and early warning systems.

Contact me right now with a few times we can meet, or call me at 888-920-2030.

Listen to a couple of my clients…

The decision to work with Merra Lee has proven itself. She keeps me on track – my 2004 was a very good year! I look forward to our ongoing relationship and in building even more profitable years.
Karen Philip
President Kinteco Incorporated


Merra Lee is working with our business increasing profitability. We were working very hard, and while we were doing OK, we never seemed to generate the income that we were hoping for. Merra Lee helped us make some changes with respect to the way we bid our jobs, service our customers, manage our employees and generate new business over the past year and a half. These changes have more then paid off with 2004 closing as one of our best years in quite a while from both a profitability standpoint and customer satisfaction perspective.

We feel that Merra Lee has pointed us in the right the direction with respect to our business and to keeping and growing the resulting profits for our personal lives. She is a dedicated, caring person who sincerely wants to help people achieve their financial goals. We are very grateful she has become a part of our lives.
Harold & Anne Guinther
Harold Guinther Painting & Paperhanging


Being a very busy and fast growing company we paid attention almost strictly to our customers needs and bypassed our own needs. Merra Lee analyzed our website and our business model, compared it with our competitors, and added some great ideas for us to use which have helped increase not only our sales but our ability to take on the new growth. Now we GROW SMART

If you want to see me face to face

I am an experienced small business consultant who knows the importance of client personal attention and looking people straight in the eye. I live in Reading, PA and will be available in person to small business owners in Maryland, Eastern PA, Delaware, and Washington, DC.

I will come to your shop if you live near the following cities: Allentown, Baltimore, Bethlehem, Ephrata, Harrisburg, Hazelton, Lancaster, Lebanon, Norristown, Philadelphia, Pottstown, Reading, New Jersey, Wilmington and York. (These cities are explicitly named so the 988,531 businesses within a 2-hour drive of me know it. Source: US Census 2003)

P.S. If you want a copy of my free SPECIAL REPORT, Step-by-Step: Free Powerful Web-based Tools to Calculate Businesses Near You, send me an email and tell me what tips to include in upcoming issues of my newsletter, PracticalProfits. Hey, you gotta pay to play!