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IPhone Apps as Profitability Tools

Upgrading my iPhone 3 to an iPhone 4 may seem like an unnecessary up grade, but hear me out. Many look to their iPhones for cool games and music, a few cool grocery, gas, and gadgets they can share with their friends. Not me; I am a total productivity gal. In my opinion, the evolving tools worth seeking on iPhone transcend beyond mere productivity, they are starting to make a difference in profitability.

We hear time and again that “the fortune is in the follow up”. Those of us who build our businesses based on relationships can attest, it takes lots and lots of follow up. Consider some of these simple, yet essential tools available on iPhone.

MailMe Voice – is a handy little app that lets you send an instant voice message directly into your email inbox. With simply two taps of the screen you can talk capturing something you want to follow up. Say, something you remembered while you were driving or you just promised to someone while you were on the cell phone. That way whatever you promise someone gets recorded even if you can’t take the time to write it down right now. Besides, this is much safer.

MailMe Text – Also very handy, will email yourself a very quick text note. For example, a reminder when you are in a meeting and want to send yourself a follow up for later. For example, I do a lot of my research at nights and mornings when I am at my computer and therefore working on the tasks assigned.

iPhone 4 Camera – I meet a lot of people and receive a lot of business cards. The camera in the iPhone 4 is crisp enough to take a picture of the card so I can email it to my assistant for data entry into MS Outlook, my primary contact manager. This is the only item on this list that really needed an iPhone 4; all the others work just as well on version 3.

Digits Calculator – Most calculators seem such a low-tech item barely worth mentioning. Digits, however, has a history tape like the old adding machine, that shows your past entries. That way if you are entering a string of numbers, and you mistype one, you can edit it. Great for when you are estimating for a ballpark price proposal and the client wants to change some assumptions along the way.

Omni Invoice – If you are selling parts that have services or services that occasionally include parts, this is a great tool. It lets you build custom proposals consisting of parts and service hour estimates and then email them right away. You can quickly turn the proposal into an invoice and send it without going back to your office.

So how do these apps help with profitability? Doing what you told someone you would do, is the hallmark of integrity. Following up is what makes others want to do business with you. Following up quickly, helps you close sales and get paid faster. And that is what leads to profitability.

Have a little gadget that you’d love to share with other self employed, email me below.

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